CO2 lines

BACD2000A1000 (A2000)

독자개발과 앞서가는기술력과
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Sensor Type NDIR (Non-dispersive Infrared)
Measurement Range 0 ~ 2 000 ppm
Warm up Time 2~10VDC (default), 4~20 mA
Sensor life expectancy 0~100ptpm : ±5% FS / 100~250ppm : ±10% FS
Calibration interval 24VAC , 24VDC , ±20%
Power Supply Within 5 Minutes
Output Signal Minimum 2 hours
Accuracy 3 years
Response Time 465 ㎡ (recommended)
Relay output (BACD2000A2000 model only)
Contact rating
Relay activated
Relay deactivated
1A/120VAC, or 1A/24VDC
SPST, Normally open relay
greater than 1000ppm
less than 900ppm
Coverage area approximately 100㎡
Protection class IP30
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 50℃
Operating Humidity 0 ~ 95%RH (non-condensing)
Storage Temperature -20 ~ 60℃
Dimension 70W × 122H × 32D (㎜)



Carbon dioxide is a heavy colorless gas that takes up 0.03% of the
Earth`s atmosphere. Although CO2 is not toxic in Its nature, Its
concentration in the atmosphere should be controlled.

When its concentration in the atmosphere exceeds its normal
measurements at 400~500ppm, you may experience difficulties
in breathing (at 1,500ppm). headache and buzzing in the ears
(at 4,000ppm). higher concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere
measuring up to 5,000ppm can even endanger your life

CO2's concentration in the air increases with the consumption of
fossil fuels and the respiration of living aerobic organisms.
Continuous and thorough monitoring of the concentration of
CO2 in the air is vital.